Top 3 Meal Kits for Fitness

Best Meal Delivery Service has picked this year’s top 3 meal kits for fitness, health, and weight loss goals. Summer, wedding season, and back to school are upon us, so what’s a better way to jump start your fitness goals than planning and eating right?


top 3 meal kits for fitness - purple carrot



top 3 meal kits for fitness - paleta

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We all love the ease and convenience of our favorite meal kit delivery service plans such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc. But what about the top meal kits for fitness, health, and weight loss?

It is hugely important if you have fitness goals to have a proper meal plan in place.  As some trainers will tell you, abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!

For the top 3 meal kits for fitness, health, and weight loss here is what Best Meal Delivery Service looked for:

  1. Do they provide calorie information?
  2. Does the meal kit service provide alternatives or flexibility in the meal kits?
  3. Are the meal kits portion controlled?
  4. Do they provide organic, non-GMO, and responsibly sourced meat and ingredients?

Here are Best Meal Delivery Service’s top 3 meal kits for fitness choices for 2016 (and in no particular order):

  1. Purple Carrot
  3. Paleta


top 3 meal kits for fitness - purple carrot




Why Purple Carrot is Healthy:

It’s plant-based!  But what does this mean?

Plant-based diet –  is a diet comprising of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, tubers (potatoes, yams, sweet potato, jicama, etc.), and legumes.  You will find no refined foods or ingredients such as bleached flour, refined sugar, oil, etc.

A plant-based diet can potentially reduce (not an official claim) the risk of common illnesses and ailments including: high blood pressure, heart disease, BMI (body mass index), and provide more amazing health benefits. The Purple Carrot explores these benefits further here.

A lot of The Purple Carrot’s ingredients are also organic and non-GMO, which is another huge health positive.

Additionally, it’s just better for the environment!  Between health and environmental factors, what more can you ask for in a meal plan?

Well, a lot more.  Please read on!


For the quality of ingredients and recipes you will receive, the price is pretty competitive compared to it’s… competitors.

top 3 meal kits for fitness -The Purple Carrot

$68 for 2 people, 3 times per week = $11.33 per person, per meal

$74 for 4 people, 2 times per week = $9.25 per person, per meal

Comparatively, the $74 is very competitive on a per person, per meal basis to other meal delivery kit services.

Purple Carrot Comes with: 

  1. Neatly packaged pre-portioned meals with clear labels for easy meal prep.
  2. Bright and picturesque recipe cards that provide estimated cooking time, and nutritional facts.
  3. You will also receive a newsletter with a sneak peek of next week’s delivery.

Cooking the meals:

The meals come with easy-to-follow recipe cards and are simple enough for beginners, although a bit messy. Maybe that is just me.

I myself am not a vegan but I found the recipes to be really flavorful and delicious.  You can tell there is no meat, but the recipes were incredibly creative, vibrant, and delicious!

Some recipe examples include:

  • Tofu Escabeche with Bamboo Rice and Mango Slaw
  • Spicy potato taco bowl
  • Creamy fettuccine and shiitake mushroom bacon

All-in-all I would highly recommend The Purple Carrot even if you are not vegan to experience the creativity, colorful foods, and ultimately the health and environmental benefits of eating a plant-based diet.


top 3 meal kits for fitness - sun basket

Sun Basket is a Meal Kit Delivery Service similar to Purple Carrot also offering customers Non-GMO, responsibly-sourced, organic, and farm-to-table (seasonal) ingredients.

Sun Basket does provide meat options such as beef, fish, chicken, and more.  Sun Basket also offers Gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian options, so there really isn’t a stomach or foodie that this service cannot satisfy.

Why Sun Basket is Healthy:

  1. Non-GMO ingredients
  2. Organic ingredients
  3. Farm-to-table seasonal fresh ingredients
  4. responsibly sourced
  5. Offers paleo, Gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and meat options

All meals are pre-portioned so you will never over eat, unless you order the two person meals for yourself.

Pricing: Sun Basket is one of the more pricer of the meal kit plans.

Each meal is $11.49 per person, per meal.  There are no options that provide a discounted, less expensive option. But that is because you are paying for quality, health, and piece of mind!

Comes with: 

  1. Big easy-to-read recipe cards
  2. Each recipe card contains the calorie count per serving which is hugely helpful when trying to lose weight and diet
  3. Accurate Prep time and Cooking time.
  4. A big plus is that Sun Basket packages all of their ingredients in recyclable bags and containers which is a big win for the environment.


top 3 meal kits for fitness - paleta




Paleta is more than just a meal delivery service, Paleta is essentially a health service providing ingredients from local farms, cruelty-free ranches, and responsible fisheries.

What makes Paleta truly different from the rest of the competition, is Paleta’s organic cold-pressed juices, hand-crafted energy bars, and a macronutrient vegan protein powder.  Paleta will also plant a tree whenever you purchase select products such as a 3-Day Paleta Pressed Juice Detox, or 10 days of meal delivery, 3 meal kits for fitness

Why Paleta is Healthy:

Paleta also provides customizable meal options that include: Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Kids plans, Family plans, Wedding meal plans, and even Pregnancy Meal programs.

This is all quite a mouthful, and so are the Paleta meals!

And it doesn’t just stop there, Paleta creates a Client Profile with your age, height, current health stats, sleep habits, and personal goals to help you keep and stay track.


top 3 meal kits for fitness - paleta customer profile















Paleta provides plans based around your goals so meals can range anywhere from $48 per day to $78 per day.

There is an economical program that includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks, but you don’t get dessert and due to the nature of the economics of the economical plan… there are no substitutions or subtractions.  This plan ranges from $48 to $61.  See picture below for exact breakdown.

top 3 meal kits for fitness - Paleta Meal Plans

Next is the Perfect Plan meal plan options that allows customization and includes dessert for the Lifestyle and Performance Options.  These plans range from $59 to $78 per day.
top 3 meal kits for fitness - paleta

Paleta Comes With:

  1. Already cooked meals!
  2. Client Fitness profile
  3. Meals + Snacks + Dessert so your entire day is taken care of
  4. Gluten-Free and Vegetarian options


If you have the extra money to spend, Paleta seems to be the most well-rounded meal delivery service if you are looking to be organic, portion-savvy, calorie-focused, environmentally sustainable, and much more.  You can select plans based on your desired daily caloric intake, or your style of daily fitness regimen.

It also provides you with not just the meals, but the in-betweens too so you are not left to your own devices or choosing snack options that may negatively impact your fitness goals.

top 3 meal kits for fitness


We hope our Top 3 Meal Kits for Fitness helps you choose a delivery plan that is part of your fitness, health, and weight loss success.

If you have other suggestions or additional selections than what is listed in Top 3 Meal Kits for Fitness, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below or shoot us an email.