Plated Review

We came across Plated while watching a TV show for Plated’s “Year in review” on Shark Tank.  Here’s Best Meal Delivery Service’s Plated Review!

With Blue Apron and Hello Fresh under our belts and feeling pretty confident in our meal kit cooking skills, we decided to give Plated. the old college try.

Here we go!
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Step 1) Selecting your Plated plan

Similar to Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, you can select your meal plan, but unlike Blue Apron and Hello Fresh you can select the option to have not just 3 or 4 meals sent, but 2 meals for 2 people!  This is really big for us since I don’t always have time to cook 3+ full meals a week.

Plated Pricing:

Whether you select 2, 3, or 4 meals, each meal per person (pp) will cost $12 each.

1) 2 meals x 2 people = $48 + $6 For Shipping

2) 3 meals x 2 people = $76 + Free Shipping

3) 4 meals x 2 people = $96 + Free Shipping

The only cost savings benefit of ordering 3 or 4 meals over 2 is the Free Shipping.  Both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh offer Free Shipping regardless of the plan you choose.  Something to keep in mind as you read this Plated Review.

With that said, Plated. offers first time only customer discounts.  Right now Plated offers > the 3 meal plan through 6/30/16.  There are some other first time offers floating around, you just have to search for them.

To order your Plated plan today, click here.  Or, to get Plated’s offers, click here go to our Plated Coupon’s page.

Plated Meal plans

Step 2) Select Your Plated Meal Preference

It is nice to be able to select or omit a variety of meats.  I can’t eat shellfish and I don’t particularly like lamb, so I think this is a really nice option to provide customers.

And of course, you can simply select, I am a vegetarian, which I am not… But if you are, that’s cool too.

plated meat preference

After you select your meat or non-meat preference, you can review the meals that will be coming your way.  If you don’t like a meal that is coming on a certain day, you have the option to modify and change one or more recipes out for different ones.  Aren’t options great!?

Plated Meal Options

Step 3)  Your Plated Box Has Arrived

Plated sent us updated details via email for the arrival of my Plated box.  An email was sent saying it would arrive at the end of day.  And quite literally, it did.  At 9pm my dog Lincoln barked as the mysterious delivery man dropped the Plated box at our front door and quickly ran away, as most mysterious delivery men do…

Plated unboxing

The Box arrived in decent condition…

Step 4) Unboxing of the Plated. Box

Here is where I was a little unimpressed with Plated.  With the other meal delivery kits that I ordered and reviewed, there was great care put into the packaging of each of the boxes I received.  The other kits had meat packed on the bottom underneath ice packs and away from the other produce and ingredients.  On top of the ice was a sheet to partition from the other ingredients.  The heavier produce and ingredients were then packed first with the lighter ones on the top.

With Plated. the ingredients were really just thrown in with no consideration for what was going where.  I took a picture of the box as I received it once I opened it. As you can see in the image below the ice was in the middle as a partition sitting on top of the tomatoes and egg plants and dry ingredients on the other side. The meat was on the bottom but not entirely covered with the ice to keep it at a cooler temperature. (See image below)

The eggplants and tomatoes were a bit frost bitten and crushed and the naan and tortillas had some condensation in the packaging due to it being placed so close to the ice.  This can cause your flour ingredients to get moist and wet and go bad quicker.  I was not the biggest fan of this.  This may have just been a one-off instance with this box and I really hope that this is the case.

Plated. Unboxed

Closer image of tomatoes and eggplants under the ice packs.

untitled shoot-024

The meat placed under one of the ice packs.

Plated. Meat

Something that I did really like about the packaging and set Plated. apart from the rest of the meal kit services packaging was its use of 100% recycled material to insulate all of the ingredients.  See image below.

Plated. recycled packaging

Moving on…!

The ingredients for each meal are grouped together by recipe and labeled in green bags.  It’s a little bit interesting, but totally works.

Plated. Ingredients

Each recipe also comes with a little nutrition sheet that includes nutritional facts and all of the included ingredients. (image below)

Plated. Nutrition Facts

Step 5) Let’s Get Cooking!

First, Recipe Cards!

I really like these recipe cards.  I’m not sure if this is of great importance to anyone else, but the cards are made from more of a matte material where the other meal kit recipes are made from a glossy material, so I thought that was cool and different.

FrontPlated. Recipe Cards


Plated. Recipe Cards

Pork Tacos al Pastor for Plated Review

To start I will say that the recipe for these tacos was incredibly, incredibly easy to follow!  As mentioned before in my other posts, I am a complete scatter brain when it comes to cooking and time management in the kitchen so this was really nice and a huge plus for me.  This was probably one of the easiest recipes I have cooked out of the 25+ meal kit recipes I have made so far.

Tip: I like to identify all of the ingredients for the recipe I am making and lay them out so they are easily accessible and I don’t have to go digging for them.  Everything is labeled so that makes it that much easier for me or whoever else is cooking.

Below is an image of all of the Ingredients laid out for the Tacos Al Postor recipe.

untitled shoot-039

While making this recipe during our Plated Review we noticed that it still called for ingredients that did not come with the box.  It called for salt and Canola oil.  We don’t use Canola oil, so just used Olive oil.  We don’t see how it would have hurt Plated to have included these two simple ingredients in the box.  Isn’t this what we’re paying for?

Continuing on with our Plated Review… cooking!


As mentioned before, something I really like about Plated’s recipes are their simple step by step instructions that are incredibly easy to follow, and before you know it… Ta da!  Your Plated meal is complete.

Completed Plated. Meal

Plated Review on the completed meal.

There were actually 3 of us eating this meal so there is one taco not pictured to the side of these plates.  This meal really made 5 tacos, in my opinion, but would make 6 much smaller tacos.  I also added the salsa to only one taco on each plate in the case that someone didn’t like the onion, mint, and pineapple salsa concoction, which ended up being really good.

This meal was more of a lunch than a dinner.  The dish really needed a side or two.  For being such inexpensive ingredients there should have been two sides added to really complete this recipe and make it a full meal.

I will say that this was a really tasty meal and the ingredients that were included are not ingredients that I would have normally purchased let alone used, so this is really a perk for me.  It’s always nice to be pushed outside of your comfort zone when cooking because let’s be honest, chicken and rice is easy and boring.

Is this Plated Review negative or positive?


Was this worth $8 (with first time Plated order discount) per person for 2 people?  Absolutely!  Would this be worth the full $12 per person (without the first time order discount)?  Probably not…

With that said, if you find a first time user discount, I think you would be thrilled with the experience you will get using Plated. For $8 pp per meal and from there making your own decision as to whether or not you want to continue with the service, is a great deal and a great option to have, so why not try it?

You can find Plated Coupons here.

I hope our Plated review was helpful and that you enjoy your journey through cooking, sampling, and eating to find what Meal Delivery Service is right for you.

Happy plating!