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So far we have reviewed HelloFresh, Plated, and Blue Apron.  After seeing Marley Spoon’s tag line, “Order the better box”, we wanted to see if this statement holds true so we decided to order Marley Spoon’s service and put it to the test. Please see BMDS’s Marley Spoon Review below.

Marley Spoon Review

Getting Started with our Marley Spoon Review!

The first thing we noticed that we really liked about Marley Spoon was the flexibility the meal plans provided compared to other meal plans. With Marley Spoon, you can choose 2, 3, or 4 nights of meals a week, not just the standard, 3.  And you can change this weekly depending on your schedule.  Sometimes committing to 3 meals a week, which is what most other meal delivery service plans provide, is too much because life can happen, plans can change, and sometimes I’m just too tired to cook when I come home from work.

Pricing Options:

  1. TWO-PERSON- BOX – $10.25 pp
  2. FAMILY BOX – $8.90 pp

This is one of the more affordable meal delivery service options currently on the market, at least that Best Meal Delivery Service has found.

Something else we noticed after starting our Marley Spoon review during the signup process that was interesting and different from the other meal delivery service’s was Marley Spoon’s “Slow Food” movement. The Slow Food movement is Marley Spoon’s commitment to better quality.  See below.

Marley Spoon Review

Currently, Marley Spoon does not deliver to all of the U.S. so you have to enter your location.  See below.

Marley Spoon Review

Marley Spoon has arrived!

Marley Spoon Review









What’s in the box?!

In the box were three medium brown bags lined up all in a row.  We actually really liked these brown bags and thought they were both a practical and fun way of separating ingredients for each recipe.

Marley Spoon Review

The meat and dairy are packed separate from the little brown bags at the bottom of the box between ice cold packs.

Marley Spoon Review


Meal 1) We started with the Baked Orzo with Swiss Chard and Feta recipe.  The one issue with this recipe was that it required an oven friendly skillet, which we did not have and therefore the “bake in skillet in oven” part did not happen so we improvised.

Marley Spoon Review

Cooking this meal was incredibly easy.  The steps and instructions were very simple and easy to follow.

Marley Spoon Review

We really liked the ingredients in all of the Marley Spoon meals.  The recipes provided ingredients that we can find at most grocery stores in the produce section.

Meal 2) Beef and Ginger Rice

Marley Spoon Review

Marley Spoon Review

The Beef and Ginger Rice meal was really easy to follow.  And more important, tasted great!

Overall, this is quite a positive Marley Spoon review as we were very happy with Marley Spoon’s meal delivery service.  From start to finish the online ordering experience was incredibly easy and informational, the packaging was cute and functional, the recipes were easy to follow, easy to cook, and tasted great!  The portions were also perfect for two people.

To start your Marley Spoon plan today, go to

Thank you for reading our Marley Spoon Review!  We hope you found it helpful.

Happy cooking!

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