HelloFresh Review 2016

Welcome to Best Meal Delivery Service’s HelloFresh Review 2016!  Please read further to find more information about one couple’s first hand experience from ordering online, finding coupons, unboxing, customer service, and more!

HelloFresh Review 2016

After using Blue Apron and really enjoying the experience and the food, David and I thought it would be a great idea to try the HelloFresh meal kit delivery service plan.  We wanted to order and and test out HelloFresh to help provide curious people like yourself who want to learn more before committing.

Let’s get started!

Step 1)  HelloFresh Review 2016-  Ordering Process

Select Your HelloFresh Recipe Box.

Like Blue Apron, with HelloFresh you can choose a “Classic” Box, which has meat ingredients, the “Veggie” box that comes vegetarian, or the “Family” Box that allows you the option to feed 3-4 people.

HelloFresh Review 2016

Step 2)  Select Your HelloFresh Box Size

Unlike Blue Apron, HelloFresh allows you to select for 3-5 weekly meals for 2 people instead of just the one option of 3 that Blue Apron does.   However, you can still only select 3 meals for the Family serving size option.

You can see this pictured below in the upper right corner pull down box.

HelloFresh Review 2016

Like Blue Apron, HelloFresh gives you the option of viewing your meals for the upcoming week(s).

HelloFresh also allows you to login to your account and choose the recipes that you want for the week.  That’s nice, but I kind of like the element of surprise.  It’s fun opening the box and not knowing what you are going to get!

Something else that I really liked about HelloFresh is that they list:

1) Cooking Time

2) Level of Difficulty

*Note – all of the recipes I received were level 1.

3) Allergens.  The allergens listed aren’t specific, but include the general “Milk” and “Nuts”.

4) Ability to Download Recipe

HelloFresh Review 2016

Step 3)  Your HelloFresh Box Has Arrived!

Click here to start your HelloFresh experience today.

HelloFresh Review 2016

Much like Blue Apron, the Hello Fresh box arrived in good shape with no major dents or tears.  Good start!

Step 4)  HelloFresh Review 2016- Unboxing

When you first open the box you will receive welcome pamphlet, and an envelope full of coupons for other products, not for HelloFresh.  I honestly don’t have a need for these and just end up throwing them away.  I am wasteful. I am sorry. Shame on me.

HelloFresh Review 2016

Underneath the pamphlet and the cooler wrap, you will find 3 rectangular boxes each containing the products and dry ingredients you will need to create each meal.

HelloFresh Review 2016

I find these boxes (pictured above) to be incredibly helpful for meal prepping.  Each meal and the ingredients for that meal, are kept separate from each other so you don’t confuse produce from other produce based on the pictures on the recipe card and one’s perception. It is simple and easy.  This is where HelloFresh scores major points from me as this is not offered with Blue Apron.

Next, after having removed these delightful ingredient boxes from the HelloFresh Box, you will find a layer of cardboard separating the product and dry ingredient boxes (pictured below) from the meat, which is placed under a layer of cold ice packs (also pictured below).

HelloFresh Review 2016

HelloFresh Review 2016

Ta da!  In the image below, I have matched each meat product with it’s corresponding ingredient box.  Super clean and super simple.

HelloFresh Review 2016


Step 5)  HelloFresh Review 2016- Cooking Experience

Something to note here.  I ordered and used HelloFresh in the month of November, and to be entirely honest, I was not impressed for the following reasons:

  1. I need clear direction.  Both my fiance and I found the recipes to be really hard to interpret and understand.  There were some points where I couldn’t tell if they wanted me to rind an entire lemon or half the lemon, then cut it in half, etc. You get the idea.  The instructions were a little too scatter-brained for someone who is scatter-brained.
  2. I felt that the portions were really off or not sufficient for two full-sized adults.  The parsnips, which you make into a mashed potato-like side dish were really tiny.  They were delicious, but only enough for a few spoonfuls each.
  3. I didn’t find the recipes to be that good and especially did not think they were worth their value.   There was a lot of carbs and not enough meat or greens.

However, with that said, I tried HelloFresh again in the month of January and found my second experience to be quite different from the first.  Here is why:

  1. The instructions were much more clear.  There were still some instances where I found myself saying, “huh”?  But not nearly as much as the first time and was able to work my way through it without affecting the outcome of the meal.
  2. The portions were much, much better and sufficient and adequate enough for two grown adults, yay!
  3. I was pleasantly surprised at the dishes and how delicious and unique they were.

I really think HelloFresh is doing a great job of taking feedback from customers and changing and updating their recipes, cooking instructions, and just the overall customer experience.

Every time I visit HelloFresh.com they are doing something new, and something different.  For instance, adding Jamie Oliver recipes, and adding features to their website that add value to the customer.  A+ for HelloFresh here.

All-in-all, I would say that with the new updates HelloFresh has made, their effort in constantly making changes and updates based on customer feedback to make the customer experience better and better, I would definitely suggest trying HelloFresh.

One thing that HelloFresh is good at offering that some of the other Meal Delivery Services are not, are coupons!  Click here for HelloFresh new customer coupons!

I hope this HelloFresh Review 2016 was helpful.  Please feel free to leave your HelloFresh Review below in the comments so others can learn from your experience too.

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Good luck and Happy Cooking!


The Best Meal Delivery Service Team

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