Foodstirs Review

You may have heard of a lady that goes by the name of, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or maybe it’s Kathryn with Cruel Intentions.  But, Best Meal Delivery Service knows this woman as a Badass mamma jamma with the entrepreneurial bug.  This woman’s name is, Sarah Michelle Gellar!

That’s right, the vampire hunter has turned badass mom, wife, and entrepreneur.  You go Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Sarah Michelle Gellar along with Co-Founder, Gailit Laibow, started a company that offers offers families and individuals a guilt-free conscious way of baking and having fun with your kids!  With the mission to provide nothing but the best of ingredients, these baking kits offer fun, and easy recipes and projects that everyone can not only enjoy, but also feel good about.

Best Meal Delivery Service had a curious palate so decided to try a recipe.  What is a better way to gauge fun and deliciousness than baking chocolate chip cookies!?

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Here we go!

Foodstirs delivered:



For only $5.99 + S&H and a quick online and easy user experience, I purchased my first foodstirs baking kit!  I was very excited and couldn’t wait until I received the box on my front door.  The box is super adorable with it’s light blue and foodstirs logo.  I opened immediately and was ready to bake!


Foodstirs unboxing:


How cute and quaint is this!?  Immediately you are made to feel like you part of the foodstirs club once you open the box.  They even invite you to share your experience and photos with all of their social media.  So far this feels like an inclusive and happy purchase and company.  Kudos!




The foodstirs packaging is very cute and quaint.  I really like it’s simplicity and eye catching colors.  I also really like the fact that it stats immediately the quality of ingredients shown in the left image of the bottom of the box.  It highlights, “USDA Organic”, “GMO FREE”, “Fair Trade”, etc.  Already a great start!

In the right image is the back of the box.  These are all of the directions.  Quite simple, right!?  Only a few short steps and time before I can indulge in cookie bliss.

Let’s Get Baking:

The steps to start baking are really easy, and all of the ingredients are right there in the box.  Everything is provided.  There are some meal kits that don’t come with the basics because they assume everyone has salt, butter, and oil.  And this just isn’t always the case.  Foodstirs DOES provide everything you need, with the exception of tools, but that should be obvious.

Step 1) Beating the butter – easy enough!


Step 2) Beat in the eggs!


Step 3) Add in the dry ingredients that come conveniently packaged (pictured below)

And just as a reminder here, that all ingredients are very high quality, and not the kind of ingredients that you would find in other standard mixes.  They are certified organic, fair trade, and GMO-FREE, which is a big one for us here at Best Meal Delivery Service.

dry ingredients



Step 4)  Give everything a good blend!  You can hand mix these ingredients or you can take the fast and lazy root, such as myself, and use a handheld mixer. There is no shame in that!  I do it all of the time, but sometimes if I want to get an extra arm workout in, I will use the ol’arm muscles.

And voila!  Everything combined beautifully.


Now wait!  I know cookie dough can be just as good as the actual ooey gooey baked chocolate chip cookie, but it’s not time.  Let’s be patient, scoop them onto the cookie sheet and wait 12-14 minutes.


Now, I didn’t space these out as I was told to per directions on the box.  I know, I know!  Naughty, Naughty!  So they may have come out a little more uniform than individual cookies, but!  These cookies just wanted to hold hands while baking, and they came out that way.  However, I do believe they came out tasting better for it.

I give to you, the completed foodstirs baked Chocolate Chip Cookie product:


I couldn’t possibly eat all of these on my own, but really I could… So I invited our neighbors to come over for a glass of wine and a chocolate chip cookie.  They immediately raved about the cookies thinking that it was my cookie genius recipe, but I came forth with the truth letting them know that it was in fact a foodstirs recipe!

They really were very delicious cookies that I will continue to order, bake, and feel good about eating.

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Thank you so much, foodstirs!  We at Best Meal Delivery Service give a warm, thank you!

Happy baking!

-Best Meal Delivery Service